Wind Energy Solution

Wind Energy Solution

Executed Orders in Wind Energy Solutions:

Wo.No Order description Project Status
1. 132/33kV Wind farm - Relay setting calculation. Completed
2. CRP Pre-bid Engineeing for 33/220kV, 132/33kV Substation. Completed
3. 220/33kV Wind farm - Relay setting calculation. Ongoing
4. 132kV GATTU Substation - 35 MW DOMINICUS ( Relay Setting Calculation) Completed
5. 220kV SS Consultancy_Civil_Structure Design. Ongoing

Wind Energy Solution:

Globally speaking, wind energy is of the fastest growing forms of sustainable energy production. The continued growth on wind energy presents enormous technical, industrial and political challenges.

Wind turbines provide electrical power from a renewable energy source to the public power networks. Because of their height and exposed locations wind turbines are prone to direct lightning flashes entering through the blades, the nacelle or the lines.

Over the last decade wind turbines and wind parks have taken off in spectacular fashion. Producing energy where you need it makes more sense than transporting it over long distances and using wind turbines to do this is known as distributed wind power.

There are lots of challenges involved in harnessing the wind to generate electricity. As regulations and requirements for wind energy plants continue to evolve, new hurdles are being imposed for connecting them to the Grid and maintaining full production.

We offer comprehensive, field proved solutions for integrating wind energy plants with the Grid in a predictable, streamlined manner.

Transient over voltage due to the lightning current can cause severe damage to the wind turbine installation and to the equipment. They can also create extensive downtime that can be avoided by installing a complete lightning protection system (LPS).

Grid Synchronisation:

The intermittent nature of the wind can create voltage stability problems on the transmission system to which a wind energy plant is connected. To prevent such occurrences, utilities and regulators are creating increasingly strict grid interconnection requirements that wind energy plants must meet.

We will perform analytical studies to determine the remedial actions needed for your plant. Based on the results of the studies, we will propose the most cost effective solution for meeting the interconnection requirements. After the proposal has been accepted, we can manage all aspects of its implementation.

Interconnection Substation:

Interconnection Substation delivers wind energy collected from your plant to the Grid. It needs to perform its function reliably right from the start.

Our Services in wind:

  • System Protection Design
  • Grid Synchronism
  • Operation Philosophy
  • Our Service includes Analytical Studies, Engineering Design, installation documentation, including drawings, specifications and bill of materials.
  • Procurement of major equipment, such as transformers and cable