Power Plant

Power Plant

Executed Orders in Power Plant:

  • 12MW CPP- Relay Setting Calculation, Coordination & Relay testing

Captive Power Plant:

A Captive Power plant is a facility that is dedicated to providing a localised source of power to an energy user. These are typically industrial facilities for large offices. The plants may operate in Grid Parallel mode with the ability to export surplus Power to the local electricity distribution networks.

Alternatively they may have the ability to operate in island mode. i.e., independently of the local electricity distribution system.

Our Services in Power Plant/ Process Industry

  • Relay Setting Calculation and Relay Coordination
  • Load Flow and Short Circuit Analysis
  • Transient motor starting studies
  • System Parallel Operation
  • Grid Synchronization
  • Safe Islanding – Import and Export Scheme
  • Power Factor improvement with Various Load Condition
Wo.No Order description Project Status
1. 12MW CPP - Relay setting calculation, coordination & Relay testing. Completed