Harmonic Study

Harmonic Study

Executed Orders in Harmonic Study:

  • 70 MW CPP- Harmonics Study & Solution for System Unbalance
  • Sub Harmonics Protection + DFR Panel Engineering using SPRO & tesla 4000
  • 12MW CPP – Harmonics study & solution for Power Systems issues.

Power Systems are designed to operate at frequencies of 50 to 60Hz. However, certain types of loads produce currents and voltages with frequencies that are integer multiples of 50 or 60 Hz. Fundamental frequency. These higher harmonics are a form of Electrical Pollution known as Power System Harmonics.

Harmonic studies are performed to determine distortion levels and filtering requirements within a facility to determine if harmonic voltages and currents are at acceptable levels

Wo.No Order description Project Status
1. 70MW CPP - Harmonics study & solution for system unbalance Completed
2. Sub Harmonics Protection + DFR Panel engineering using SPRO & tesla 4000 Completed
3. 12MW CPP - Harmonics study & solution for power systems issuses. Completed

Importance of Harmonic Study:

  • Avoids damage due to excessive harmonic currents in Transformers and Capacitor Banks.
  • Ensures electronic equipment will not malfunction due to excessive harmonic voltage distortion.
  • Satisfies the utility’s voltage and Current harmonic distortion requirements.
  • Verifies the Performance of the Power System after the addition of Non-Linear loads that may be a part of any upgrade Project.
  • Check the possibility of resonance conditions in cases where Power Factor Capacitors are installed in the system.
  • Solve Harmonic related Problems such as failure or Overheating of Electrical Equipment or malfunctioning of protection Relays.
  • Check the Compliance with the Contractual and international harmonic limits during the Power System design phase in Order to incorporate industry best practices.

Harmonic Study

  • By Measuring generated harmonics from each harmonic source.
  • By Calculating the Generated harmonic currents by using mathematical analysis.
  • By using Typical values within a Power Systems Software’s built in libraries or based on available data from the non linear load’s manufactures.

Field measurements and computer simulations are used to characterise adjustable speed drives (ASD) and other non linear loads. Simulations are then performed to determine the filter specifications and effectiveness. The application of harmonic filters will significantly alter the frequency response of the Power System. An Evaluation of the Harmonic Voltage and Current limits is completed to determine the effectiveness of the proposed filter installation.

Power Quality Study:

  • Measurement of Current and Voltage THD at Various Levels
  • Power parameter measurement at various load condition
  • Appropriate Solution for the Harmonics related issues
  • Filter design and commissioning